I Stole My Sister’s Panties

my sister's panties

Panty Thief Diary

She was asleep in our bunkbed. I crept down from the top bunk, hoping to not wake her. My sis snoozed silently cuddled up in her blankets, the light from the moon hid her face in shadow. I walked silently in my girly pink socks to our closet and opened the door. Inside were our clothes (we shared a single walk-in closet, what a nightmare!) My eyes were drawn to the hamper of my sis’s dirty clothes in the back corner. I closed the closet door behind me, turning on the closet light to get a better look.

Her hamper was adorable! It was patterned with pink and had the word “Love” stitched in. The Humiliating Part is I Love is sniffing my little sister’s panties and getting wet.

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My Sis’s Hamper

Crawling on the floor, I knock over the hamper and spill my sister’s undies and bras over myself. Her sweaty stink floods my nostrils, and my brain becomes a burning fire, already beads of sweat are dripping down my neck and soaking my training bra. Ripping off my bedazzled t-shirt, I reveal my white lace bra, already soaked wet from my sweaty body.

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My Sis’s Blue Panties

I unhook the front of my bra. My supple nipples are hard and erect, and between my perky B-cups and my girly thin body, my Pussy is dripping for a deep punishment. I with one hand i start caressing my titty. With the other I slide two of my sister’s panties over my face, an electric blue stripe panties and pink lace flower panties.

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My Sis’s Pink Lace Undies

I absorb her aroma into my face and mouth, I breathe deep and smell her sugary sour scent, a bittersweet orgasm of odors and flavors I taste on my tongue. I put her pink lace panties into my mouth and suck them wet, I taste the juices of her pussy and immediately my crotch is wet. So my sis drips sex juice in her panties too, huh?

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My Super Girly Panties!

I sensually slide off my super-cute pink ruffle panties, already drenched in my sweat and stickiness, and delicately rub my fingers over the lips of my tight moist pussy. My moans grow louder, still muffled by the balled up underwear stuffed in my mouth. My mound is sticky from my juices, I’ve never been so turned on before!

My sister's pink lace panties girly girl undies slutty sexy sissygirl


My sis’s scent is sugarysweet and a little spicy. I roll her panties around in my mouth and taste her tangy aroma. Her smell is different from mine; while mine is girly and fruity, hers is like a sour citrus fruit. If I ever dared to smell her pussy (And I might be too huge of a big sissy to ever do that) sucking her lips would be like kissing a wet tangerine slice.

I can’t take it anymore! My burning hot pleasure hole erupts into a geyser of juices, gushing my sticky wetness all over my young naked body. I groan and moan, my senses overloaded with sex and pussy odor. My nose is full of her B.O., I’m drenched with sweat and dirty girl panties.


hiding in the closet and smelling my sisters panties like a bad little girly girl sissy slut

I freeze. I hear my sisters footsteps on our bedroom floor. “Is Somebody there?” I hear my sis’s voice innocently ask. She opens the closet door, I’m lying helpless on the floor, naked and aroused, dripping with juices, my mouth full of her undies.

She gives me a dead stare, her eyes are huge white orbs, shocked at my humiliation.

“Oh My God, Lucy!” she shrieks, “Are Those My Panties?” although it’s completely obvious she knows the answer.

To be continued.

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