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Vibrating Icicles No. 19 Glass Vibrator Waterproof – Clear w/Pink Beads


A dildo jeweled with tiny bright sparkling pink diamonds? This is BY FAR the most Lusciously Girly Girl glass thick cob dildo. It punishes your slutty little hole in the bathroom stall. The door is locked but you try to keep your moans down. You squeal and You’re Too Loud, Sissy! Banging on the door, people want in. What are you doing in there. They all see you in a ruffled pink skirt.

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Icicles No. 24 Glass G Spot Dong, 6 Inch, Light Pink

The Dickgirl Aliens have abducted you and about to probe your ass. Little do they know how small and pathetic you really are! They rip off your panties and plunge these into your hole, suddenly realizing your panties are sopping wet from your juices. The other aliens are laughing and revealing glass rods of their own. Only more anal punishment awaits!

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Waterproof Vibrating 7″ Dr. Z Glitter Gels Glitterotic Vibrator – Pink

It was a menacing rod no one else could believe. Even a little girl like you couldn’t prepare herself for this. She will definitely feel sore tonight! Something punctures your hole deep, so deep it puts your ass to sleep. Your slutty girl body was able to groan and slowly slide onto all seven 7’’ inches of this pink throbbing member!

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Clone-A-Willy Kit Hot Pink Vibrating

Replicate any penis you want to have a tiny or large hot pink anal ass punisher! Destroy your girl asshole with this erotic cock cloner. Clone any dick you want for your girly girl sissy desires! Or Copy your own pathetic worm cock and totally embarrass yourself with humiliating assplay! Hot Dog!

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Burning Angel Devil Horns Double Dong Pink

Demonic Devil Horns punish any innocent angel with a dark side. A poor winged virgin cast aside, trapped by a slutty big-tittied demoness and her bondage demon girls, split open a girly girl virgin’s asshole 6 Ways From Sunday! Hallelujah! Praise The Lord! Feel the power of our Lord deep inside you, feel his Love. Did I mention it was The Devil Lord? A totally pink demon girl who wants to plunder her ass to the shadows that sold her soul. Hail The Pink & Dark One!

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Icicles #23 Hand Blown Glass Massager

Two Foot Long Double Dong! Two Bad Little Girls who need their tiny little butts crammed with Hot Hard glass! They’re so dirty and young and innocent, but they secretly want it, have always wanted it, to feel it enter their Hot Fem Asses!

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Pipedream Products Icicles 30 Hand Blown Glass Massager Waterproof 8 Inch, Pink

Are you a Girl? Are you a Girly Girl? Are you a Bad Little Sissy Fem who needs to be Punished? Yes? You Are. We knew it. That’s why you’re bent over with your skirt ripped, your panties soaked with your hot sticky juices. Wetness is flowing everywhere! You’re crying, tears like diamond droplets run down your pathetic pansy face. Your lipstick’s smeared. Everyone is cracking up at you, it’s pathetic. Suddenly everyone stops and stares; it’s utterly quiet, utterly More Humiliating!

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Sexflesh Penis Rider Combo Masturbator

Owning this Says Two Things: I’m a Total Sissygirl Woman, I’m Horny and a Bigger Slut than anyone even imagined! Ride this toy and proclaim yourself Ultimate Sissy Queen of the Sissy Girls! Ride ‘em, Cowgirl!

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New ULTRA-DNA Sex Toy Butterfly Vibration Massage Masturbation Sex Tools

This is the Pinkest, Girliest, Cutest and most Adorably Girly Girl Sex Toy that has ever existed! Stimulate your clit and your ass, your hole starts to vibrate with pleasure, you can’t help but scream!!

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Pipedream Products Fetish Fantasy Elite 7″ Dildo

A Totally Girly Pink Rod to Punish any Naughty Girl’s Tight little wet Hole! Go for it, Girl! You Know You Want it, we can All See how Dripping your Girly Pink Undies are.

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