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Ultra DNA Waterproof Silicone Beads Anal Plug

Excite your ass with this pink girly butt plug!


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Luxotiq Anal Plug, Pink

Get ready to go bowling; your ass is the bowling lane and everyone gets a spare try in your butt! This super girly pink butt plug will probably barely fit into your rear, but that’s okay since it’ll be funny to watch your pathetic ass try!

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Master Series Trillium Steel Locking Anal Plug

For the slave who craves domination above all else, kiss your ass literally goodbye with this locking steel butt plug. Open it slowly in your ass, and you can’t take it out! You’re crying with embarrassment, but it’s totally stuck! Comes with 3 keys and locks to punish a bad bad girl.

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Luxotiq Anal Plug Stainless Steel

Stainless steel penetrates your weakling ass, it’s your punishment for being a naughty sissyboy. You secretly like it because you’re less than nothing!

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Tantus Cowboy Ringo 100% Medical Grade Silicone Thicker Style Traditional Anal Plug

A big black butt plug to rock your hole because we know your ass craves being destroyed by thick rods, your ass is practically crying out to be punished! You’re pathetic! You want it so bad, but you’re just a little girl.

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Tantus Ryder Anal Plug, Midnight Purple

Can a little sissy girl like yourself even handle a butt plug this big? It doesn’t matter because you don’t have a choice, pansy! You take this into your ass slowly like a bad little slut who knows she’s a naughty girl. You’re probably crying because it’s so huge! It’s tearing you open like a whore in trouble.

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Tantus Cowboy Bronco Anal Plug

Saddle Up, cowgirl! We know girly girls like you just want to be rammed hard by a bucking bronco, you can barely contain yourself it’s making you wet! Only a complete sissygirl would buy this ass plug, because she knows what a complete and total slut she is for doing so!

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Heart 2 Heart Vibe – Remote Anal Plug – 10 Functions – Black

Only a complete sissy girly girl would put this up her hole and slam up and down on it like a dripping slut! A butt plug this wide wouldn’t even fit your tiny pathetic hole, but you’d try anyway, wouldn’t you, princess? You’ll be crying from the pain, and we’ll be crying tears of laughter at how humiliated you look.

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Tantus Mr Universe Dildo, Black, Toys for Boys

You’re just a little girl who puts this in her ass, turns it on and cries out because she’s about to cum in her panties! Feel it vibrate your wet little hole like a sex-craved cheerleader who will do anything for a huge rod. Your short cheerleader skirt scuffs against the slimy locker room floor, but you don’t care because you’re such a god-damned slut!

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LELO BILLY Gentleman’s G-Spot Massager, Bordeaux


Massage your anal g-spot like a little slutty teen after school. You better cum before mommy and daddy get home! Unless you get off on them hearing your moaning and screams through the walls. It vibrates your ass and you can’t believe how deep it is inside you!

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